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Early in the individual’s rookie season jordan 11 bred McGrady had missed 18 games because of injury, after that, he had never experienced in a full season of 82 games. Especially in joining the Rockets in the second season, he was sidelined because of back injury and repeated the entire season only played 47 regular-season games. In the next few years, he has received the back, knees and elbows so many operations and the repeated experience of the body “overhaul” of the situation, his body has been difficult to continue to withstand high-intensity game. In the rocket that last two seasons, McGrady averaged regardless of appearances or time are reduced to the bottom of his career, and even be able to play, he also lost in the past that the role of all-powerful in the game, from the old absolute protagonist reduced to walk-on role.

air jordan 11 bred has called brilliant personal data records, but these data are always difficult for the team to bring real honor. For example, in the 2003-04 season, despite McGrady successful reelection “scoring”, but the results of the Magic in the regular season but only 21 wins. In joining the Rockets, Yao Ming around there even such a great caliber, but Tracy McGrady is still unable to escape a curse, it is always difficult to break into the second round of the playoffs. Prior to the Raptors and Magic, Tracy has had four times down in the first round of the playoffs the experience, while the Rockets, he left numerous times in the playoffs, lost a good Board of regret, including in the 2005 and 2007, the team was leading the situation twice in the last 3 to 4 next encounter reversed. Until 2009, the Rockets finally succeeded in the first round of the playoffs out of Portland, but early injury hanging mianzhanpai Tracy McGrady, this can only be seen as a breakthrough in the audience. Before the end of last season, Tracy McGrady in the playoffs first round series of the harvest is 0 wins and 8 losses. Until last season after joining the Spurs, he finally rewrite this history, but more like a semi-retired specifically awarded to the players a consolation prize.

As a seven-time All-Star women jordan 11 bred but eventually wander around in 1998, Tracy McGrady had the All-Star rookie season debut, just 10 minutes, scored 19 points. In the new century, he is to become the All-Star regulars, from 2001 to 2007, he appeared in seven consecutive years, the All-Star list. Which in 2006 in Houston, he had had bagged 36 points brilliant performances, the last only because Western-Star team lose only missed the All-Star MVP. 2007 in Las Vegas, McGrady also had sent out within 18 minutes and 11 assists brilliant performances.

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