5 Things I Would Do To Make Money Online as a Beginner

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5 thing I would do to make money online from scratch as a total beginner. Legit…No Fluff…Real Talk

Number 1…

The first thing I would do is think about how I could help other people. If I had a skill like marketing, or blogging, or power point, or photoshop or brewing beer, or knitting, or baking, and I enjoyed it, I definitely start there. And remember, you don’t have to be an absolute expert in your chosen niche to be successful. No matter where you are at in your level of experience, there are hundreds if not thousands or millions of people who would like to be where you are at. If you kind of play the guitar…I would love for you to teach me because I absolutely do not. And every time I talk to someone who is amazing at playing the guitar…they are too far beyond me to comprehend what they are trying to teach. I’d much rather learn from you who remembers what it’s like to be a beginner. Relatability is key.

And if I just couldn’t come up with something…I would document my personal journey. Say I wanted to lose 100 pounds. I would blog it or vlog it…because people love a journey. It serves as proof that they can achieve this same goal or complete this exact journey. Then you instantly become the relatable expert that people gravitate to…which brings me to tip number 2

Number 2…

I would focus on building an audience. This is what is going to bring you the exponential growth and also future proof your new business. The fact is the product is really irrelevant. When you have an audience you just simply find products for your audience to buy. People don’t mind spending money…they just hate getting ripped off. So if you can grow an audience and then recommend high quality products that happen to pay you an affiliate commission…you’re a hero. And that’s so much easier than starting with a product and then trying to find someone to buy it. Right now the best opportunity for creating and growing an audience is with YouTube.

You see, what most people don’t talk about is the life you want, the freedom you want and the income you want is fueled by the audience that you build.

Number 3…

I would create something amazing that people actually wanted. I would create a piece of value. A little piece of cheese that brought people to me. This could be a mini course or checklist, a collection of recipes…or anything people would pay money for and could be delivered instantly. That immediate gratification is important. And then I would give it away for free.

It’s like chasing a cat. If you run after a cat, you’ll have a heck of a time catching it. But if you sit down with a bunch of food in your lap, that cat will come right over.

Number 4…

Use that cheese to collect emails. This way you can follow up with people. Now I know that there is a lot of chatter out there from people saying email marketing is dead. When actually the fact is, only bad email marketing is dead. Done correctly (i.e. not spammy) it’s as alive as ever.

Number 5…
Automate your first followup. After you collect emails with your cheese, you want to promote a related affiliate product. Now no matter what niche you’re in, there is an affiliate product waiting for you. Just google whatever…affiliate program. Or go over to You can sign up for free and they have thousands of options, most with high commissions. I would choose one that pays you at least $25 per sale, and I would create a 7 day automated follow up series that promoted that 1 affiliate product.

This first automated followup is the key to consistent income. Over time you can dial this in and then once it’s perfect you can leave it alone. Just 4 sales a day and you’re making $100 a day. Make 8 sales a day and you can quit your job no matter who you are. Then you can focus full time on growing your empire.

And that’s the best part. Unlike paying for ads, that always gets harder because the cost increases. When you focus on building your audience things get easier with time. Then instead of trying to figure out how to make $100 a day, you start thinking about $1000 a day, and then $10,000 a day….

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