California Surfer Portraits

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I have been shooting on a semi-professional basis for a few years now. Six months in the past, I made a decision to tackle a long-term venture: capturing portraits of California surfers. Not only would this drive me to keep some thing heading on a long term foundation, it would get me out on to the drinking water for days on finish. Carrying a digital camera as I used to be, this did not imply swimming in the drinking water. Rather, I frolicked on docks and rafts, or any other trick I could arrive up with to be close to the water whilst remaining dry.

The digital camera for this venture was my year-and-a-half old Canon Eos 5D It had served me well until then, never showing any trouble. Unfortunately, the battery began doing even worse and worse as I spent all this time near the ocean. It had been probably a mixture from the salt-laden sea air and grains of sand that ended up creeping into the battery compartment regardless of all my efforts to keep them out. A couple of months later on, the original battery only held half as long as it did once i started the venture. I delivered the battery in to the repair folks, and they said the salt air experienced so badly corroded the contacts that it needed replacing.

A little of Web research later, I settled on the 5D substitute battery in the business STK. After all, I nonetheless experienced surfers to photograph. If I used to be heading to go through another battery to complete the venture, it might also be considered a cheaper one which provided exactly the same overall performance being an authentic. Thanks to the great reviews it got, I wasn’t worried concerning the high quality becoming sub-par. I was, however, worried that my Canon charger would not deal with an STK battery, so I did purchase their charger. It turns out their battery and charger costs even quicker compared to the authentic types did. Which was a welcome surprise!

Having attempted out each Canon BP-511A batteries, I can verify that the good reviews had been right around the cash. The STK battery does equally as nicely because the original. It is nonetheless decaying slowly thanks to the malignant affect from the salty sea air, but that is not something anyone can stop… and when it dies, it will be cheaper to replace than an authentic. For your price of a factory authentic, I have currently place within an purchase for a number of STK spares. Two of these are going to remain higher and dry for capturing on land, whilst two reach tough it near the drinking water.

The batteries that have stayed high and dry remain carrying out wonderfully. I get about 800 photos (.NEF / Uncooked structure) before they operate out. This consists of examining pictures on the screen (“chimping”), like once the light is low or when my photographic subject is lit from behind from the sun. By keeping track of the display, I’m able to tell correct then and there if the exposure is right: in low light, the histogram will inform me if all of the pixels are darkish (because the bump in the graph is just too much towards the left) whereas in bright light, the histogram tells me when the picture is vibrant there’s no detail left (because the bump in the graph is mushed difficult towards the proper).

If you find yourself in need of a BP-511A this one is available on and I highly recommend it.

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