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City of Vancouver Launches Rental Standards Database to Assist Renters

Posted by CortinasSkeen999 on March 3, 2013 in Business Products & Services |

Vancouver has produced and introduced a new way tenants can discover info on rental buildings.

What is the brand new method?

In accordance to Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, this new rental database will help tenants make knowledgeable choices when looking for a rental to reside in. It’s contact the Rental Standards Database.

The Mayor states the databases may also create a scenario exactly where landlords will be inspired to ensure their rental properties are safe and well maintained.
Robertson produced it clear he believes most Vancouver landlords are professional and do a good job with their qualities. He said a lot of the apartments on the new database are because of little infractions and never big scale problems.

How can the Rental Requirements Databases function?

The database is designed to help renters get entry to info. The databases will use to Vancouver rental buildings that are licensed, have a minimal of five units for household use, and do not have any current legal problems, or when they have, the problems have been settled in the past yr.
Other problems around the databases are:

one. Standards of upkeep
two. Hearth safety
3. Building security
4. Electrical, plumbing, gas, and sewer
5. Signage issues
six. Tree protection
7. Untidy premises
8. Zoning and development
What type kind of structures are included on the databases?
-Single Room Occupancy Hotels
-Social Housing/Support Housing Models
-Purpose-Built Private Household Rental Housing Buildings
What type of rental buildings are not integrated?
-Single family members houses
-Laneway housing
-Secondary suites
-Duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes
-Strata structures
-Buildings that aren’t certified rentals

How many buildings are included in the new databases?

More than fifty percent the rental buildings in Vancouver are covered. This means more than 2,5000 buildings making up approximately 70,000 from the total 131,000 rental models within the city.

How many structures have legal problems?

Approximately three hundred structures. They are integrated in the database.

How did the city come up with this particular new system?

New York City has their very own database method. It has proven successful and was an inspiration for the new Vancouver databases.

One of the people who produced the databases happen in New York was Bill de Blasio. Mr. de Blasio praised Vancouver for making their very own databases which will not only make landlords keep up their properties but help renters find great rental properties.

What’s the goal of this project?

The Mayor says it’s part from the Vancouver Afford Housing and Homelessness Technique. He states by making sure rentals are safe it’ll help good landlords attract great tenants and help those good tenants as there will be much more higher high quality rentals within the metropolis.

To discuss this as well as other issues regarding Vancouver landlords, go to the British Columbia Landlord forum.

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