Cruyff to football,A 1-1 draw with Thai union within the team into four stitches in blood

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On January 3, Beijing time at 2 o ‘clock early in the day, cruyff coaching career last game, the Spaniard KeErNaLi around the stadium. Catalan united 1-1 draw with Nigeria national team also, the 65 – year – old cruyff officially announced as soon as the game, he will not be any coach belonging to the team.
Cruyff has recently made clear, it’s his add tai united’s last game. Just before the addition of the game, and Michael Jordan White Bulls Throwback Jersey Thai fa to cruyff presented a sketch picture as a present, it is always written in add Thai comes with the words “thank you”. The sport still sergio’s farewell, the 36-year-old of Thai midfielder, in depor nine years, she’s one of several architects of massive deportivo era. Through the 10/11 season after levante, sergio has concluded his career. Cruyff specially called him to supply tai united, rrn order that sergio and hometown fans of farewell. Played for Kobe Bryant Pink Lakers Jersey Barcelona and fabregas valdes, next the game through injury.
The first purpose of the video game, it will be by sergio. For only 3 minutes, bo Yang’s shot was blocked Nigerian hand, referee decisions penalty. In 8 shirt sergio, right then last scored career goals. Only 7 minutes, cruyff will sergio substituted, and Thai fans to get the name quite prestigious midfielder sent applause and cheering.
Warm up for the African cup of nations in Nigeria, you Hawks Throwback Jersey should not regard this as friendly. Before halftime, carles puyol is dick elbow left eyebrow bone, barca captain blood dc, together with the four needles were sewn within the scene. 54 minutes Nigeria equalised, dick back buckle your opponent, his left foot channel left corner within the goal. Finally both to rewrite the score, cruyff farewell war ended in the 1-1 draw.
Attended the press conference following your game, cruyff repeatedly confirmed this individual will finish his Kevin Garnett Green Youth Jersey career: “I think I can’t teach again, I’m sure I can’t display on and the second team’s bench. However, i still does many items, Allow me to never bored with football. Josep guardiola is my ideal successor, fortunately allow when Thai united coach, he’s too young, she’s searching for for the premier league. Real Madrid? I do know the Spanish words nothing, but real Madrid Barcelona 16 points behind at this point, it’s obviously failing.”
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