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Earlier today Jordans 2014, NBA released the best team this season, Harden and Howard were selected for the first team and second team, this is the first time since the Rockets history have two players simultaneously selected the best team. Interview, Harden smiling, he bluntly this is a huge honor. Then the topic of the interview will be transferred to the operation of the off- season the Rockets. Owner Leslie Alexander has made clear that in the season wrap-up meeting, the team will introduce the idea of ​​an all-star level player, and Harden and Howard set up the Big Three, while Jeremy Lin and Asik were widely interpreted as the industry will be in the summer Morey was cleaned.

Reporters asked Harden New Jordans 2014, rocket addition to the pursuit superstar, you can also tap to enhance the combat effectiveness of the team through internal potential, both of which way you prefer? I think we have a very strong lineup, we have a lot of good players, do some small transaction will allow us to benefit. As we do not really need to do blockbuster deal, which could certainly give the team a big deal help, this is difficult to say we are dressing the current situation is very good, a lot of young players are eager to progress and are willing to try to make myself get better. maybe we just need to do some small transactions can achieve to win goal. Harden said. Harden answered from watching his team apparently tend to go conservative line. In fact, just in the first quarter of the season, Gordon magic combination together, although the team stop at the first round of the playoffs, but has great potential rocket Obviously, if we can do better on some of the details that their future will be bright.

There are rumors that the Air Jordan Shoes Rockets have Jeremy Lin and Asik locked offseason cleaning goals, while Parsons will not execute a contract for next season. Harden made ​​it clear that in the interview that he hoped Parsons left the team, and to have been handsome and Pa exchanges. He is a key part of our, our championship is an important part of the management of energy and hope Morey and Chandler Parsons to reach consensus. Like I said, he is our the key one, I want him to stay in Houston. Harden said. As one of the youngest teams in the league, the Rockets have a lot of playing only two seasons of rookie, such as Jones and Beverly, and they ‘re both members of the team’s starting lineup. This means that the rocket’s interior has great potential, with the increasing chemical reaction, even if the team makes blockbuster deal, the prospects are very impressive.

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