Elementary school graduation SuiXiang

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In June this year, we have to leave the beautiful campus, leave and I together for six years of classmates and teachers, with the coming of deep feeling, walk into the junior middle school gate, welcome the new nike air max 90 semester.

Learn in elementary school six years, there are several let teacher taught me, they not only in the study concerned about me, and in life is to give my mother a love, but a teacher gave me the impression that, it is the most profound taught us maths teacher Nike Air TN pan, not only concerned about our study, but also with our healthy growth.

Four grade, we class the classmate all booked students milk, in the second class has a cup of milk, added nutrition students brain. This is good, but in the north wind blow in winter, drinking cold milk, many students began to have loose bowels, pan teacher to see in the eye, painful in my heart. In order to let us drink warm milk, pan teachers from high every day three floor carrying a red drum walk to the first floor of hot water room, lift a VAT of hot water, level 1 level slowly on the third floor, give us warm milk.

One time, I just saw this scene: body fat pan teacher carry hot water, one hand to the rail step by step difficult social climbers, every climb level will take a CuQi, bean big sweat from her head to dirty, the boiling hot water spill, and fall into the pan teacher’s leg, drop in the teacher’s cotton shoes… Look at Air Max Pas Cher Penn teacher so difficult to walk, I wish the stairs to short some, let the teacher not so tired.

Soon, I will be in the mood to turn into junior high school, and gradually towards their goals rush go to, to realize his ideal, but in the six years of primary school life, our teachers and students between those unforgettable past, will deeply burned in my mind. In the later growth path, this is going to be my precious spiritual wealth, no matter TN requin where I am, I won’t forget you and the friendship between the students, mor where I am, I won’t forget you and the friendship between the students, more won’t forget the teacher for my kindness! She will encourage my foot reality, is diligently enterprising, step by step towards his goal in life!basic1titi20130304

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