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Later I went to College, occasionally reminds that Prince charming fantasy, is ridiculous. Dong An occasionally give me phone, fortunately,cheap ghd sale uk, Ive never mentioned his secret love, or more embarrassing! Junior one rainy day, winters sister appears in front of me, looked very Haggard. She told me: “you know, my brother is a kind of congenital heart disease, cure rate is only 2 per thousand, doctors had said he could hardly live over 20 years, ghd uk this brother is 44 years will know, but he has been very strong, has always been the most qualified good son and good brother. He once told me that he liked a good girl deskmate, of course, this does not tell her, she is a vulnerable girl,cheap ghd straighteners uk. “I looked at her surprised. She started crying: “brother died two months ago, he reprimands a diary, write your name on the title page. Brother stand alone too much pain, I hope that when he is in ghd s another world, his heart to let his friend know and understand a little, so Id like to this diary for ghd straighteners you. “I took the diary, subconsciously, I suddenly saw my name, followed by the sentence:” love her, leave her. “

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