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GS Jordan Shoes Drink plenty of water before the race which is the standard American College of Sports Medicine suggested, to four hours before exercise to their weight as the standard, every 10 pounds drinking one ounce of water (160 pounds of body weight for adults, for example, need to drink 16 ounces, or about 452ml of water), if excessive sweating can be two hours before exercise and then drink the aforementioned amount of 50%. This can bring to their bodies absorb more time.

GS Jordans for sale Conduct a sweat test, and sometimes some experts will advise when we are thirsty timely pay, while others who would suggest that we first conduct a sweat test and then planning replenishment time. If the weather is hot climates for long-distance running (even in windy or colder climates), it’s best once you sweat test, run before and after each test once the finish is to determine its own weight The best way to fill water. Because any weight loss all reflect on how much need to add water to run when a real supplement their water is enough.

Note added electrolyte, the electrolyte from the sweat and urine loss from the body out, some athletes in the sport will lose a lot of electrolytes, and some people do not, from the experimental data, the loss of human sweat electrolyte has many species. There is the most serious loss of sodium and chloride electrolyte, which is the sum of the loss of two substances other three electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, calcium) lost nearly 10 times the amount of integrated. For these electrolytes lost through sports drinks to supplement, but must raise attention for the loss of electrolytes.

GS Jordans 6 Note added trace elements, if in motion Note added trace elements lost due to sweating. The results of tests carried out sweat every hour to decide what you need to add water, if you just relax for a run or running time is not more than one hour, then your body water balance in such a short period of time can be self-sustaining. If you are a large amount of people who sweat salt, or you running more than one hour, then you’d better give yourself to drink water, add some salt to increase its electrolyte content. If you are going for a marathon or other long-distance race, it is best to choose sports drinks instead of just adding water or electrolytes in the water on the perfunctory

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