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Lucky Numbers One day at Princeton I was sitting in the lounge and overheard some mathematicians talking about the series for e^x, which is 1 + x + x^2/2! + x^3/3! Each term you get by multiplying the preceding term by x and dividing by the next number. For example, to get the next term after x^4/4! you multiply that term by x and divide by 5. It’s very simple. When I was a kid I was excited by series, and had played with this thing. I had computed e using that series, and had seen how quickly the new t ghd brushes erms became very small. I mumbled something about how it was easy to calculate e to any power using that series (you just substitute the power for x). “Oh yeah?” they said. “Well, then what’s e to the 3.3?” said some joker–I think it was Tukey. I say, “That’s easy. It’s 27.11.” Tukey knows it isn’t so easy to compute all that in your head. “Hey! How’d you do that?” Another guy says, “You know Feynman, he’s just faking it. It’s not really right.” They go to get a table, and while they’re doing that, I put on a few more figures.: “27.1126,” I say. They find it in the table. “It’s right! But how’d you do it!” “I just summed the series.” “Nobody can sum the series that fast. You must just happen to know that one. How about e to the 3?” “Look,” I sa ghd professional straighteners y. “It’s hard work! Only one a day!” “Hah! It’s a fake!&quot,ghd hair straightener cheap; they say,ghd sale uk, happily. “All right,” I say, “It’s 20.085.” They look in the book as I put a few more figures on. They’re all excited now, because I got another one right. Here are these great mathematicians of the day, puzzled at how I can compute e to any power! One of them says, “He just can’t be substituting and summing–it’s too hard. There’s some trick. You couldn’t do just any old number like e to the 1.4.” I say, “It’s hard work, but for you, OK. It’s 4.05.” As they’re looking it up, I put on a few more digits and say, “And that’s the last one for the day!”

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