How I Make Money Online In 2019 & Why Most People Fail

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Making money online in 2019 is rather simple. I am going to break down and show you exactly what I do and most importantly the 4 massive reasons people fail. Making money online is a taboo topic that many people strain away from but I am going to tackle it head on with you. I hope you enjoy my content and I hope you subscribe with notifications turned on. Thank you DanFam, I am super grateful for all of you!

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====Here is my reply to “What do I do with Chinese New Year”=====

Original post:

Bianur Beauty
22 hours ago
Dan, how would do you deal with Chinese New Years coming up and delays on shipments?

My answer:
Great question! Okay so let’s think of options that we have:

1- stop selling
2- continue selling

Now I let everyone decide what they want to do. The way I look at it is this, which one will cost me more? Will it cost me more to STOP selling and tell customers “we are about 2 weeks behind with our suppliers” basically being honest. This of this – places like indiegogo and crowd funding sites, people don’t get their items for 3-12 months. No one complains. It’s only when you HIDE it people complain.

So back to what I asked you before. We have all our options on the table and now you need to ask yourself what’s more viable for you. Shutting down ads and having to HOPE they pick up again or continue business as usual and let them know on your sales page.

Now think of this – if you continue business as usual and people order from you. It BUILDS your pixel. So logically if 10% want a refund convince 50% off the 10% for % off or offer them something free. Think of a way to convince them everything is flowing smoothly!

Apart from that, your still BUILDING your pixel. Meaning that even if it’s Chinese New Year the moment they are back in full gear you are LITERALLY ahead of the game and everyone else who stopped due to this fear.

Now we broke this down let’s logically think.

A) completely stop selling

B) eat 3-8% higher refunds, build your pixel data, be HONEST with your customers there is a delay with production because demand (sorta honest but are you really gonna say “the people we are buying it from to send to you are on holiday”? No you aren’t).

If you do it ETHICALLY you won’t have high refunds cause you told people ahead of time and you’ll be building while everyone else stops because they are scared.

You are a consumer as well, if a company says they are sorry for the delay everything is flowing smoothly and you are getting their product to them ASAP if you want constant contact with them this is how you can reach them instantly.

All you need to do is put away the fears some of your consumers might have.

Long story short, I am giving you my view – I continue business as normal. Watch how “cheap” (relative) ads becOme cause other drop shippers stop while the smart ones with good people skills flourish 😉


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