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women jordan 11 bred Ellis averaged 19.2 points last season, 2009-10 season, Ellis averaged 25.5 points, a career peak values. The 2007 Warriors black eight Dallas, when Ellis also involved. New season, Ellis that their scores can rise, even more than Dirk Nowitzki, becoming the team’s leading scorer, is the key because the Mavericks coach, Ellis revealed that coach has taken the initiative to contact him, to establish a good relationship. Moreover, Calderon is an experienced player, has extensive experience in international competition, helping Spain won the 2006 world champion, won the silver medal in Beijing and London Olympics, Although I have not experienced the playoffs the past few years, but the fight similar intensity game, Calderon career averages of 10.1 points, 7.2 assists, I look forward to the new season, we can make the playoffs. Mad chase Howard Mavericks this summer, but ultimately chose Warcraft rocket, but Cuban does not care, missed one, but today we announced the seven players to join and I am very excited to have fresh blood into the team, Kuban said.

jordan 11 bred Dallas Mavericks held a news conference to formally announce seven free agent. Mavericks summer signing and renewal through the introduction of the German Harris, Jose Calderon, Monta Ellis, DeJuan Blair, Brandon Wright, Samuel Daimler Porter and Wayne Ellington. Monta Ellis three-point shooting last season, only 29%, which Ellis said, because the Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks, the team 60% of the things have themselves to bear. But the new season in Dallas, Ellis perhaps no longer taking on everything, there is Dirk Nowitzki, as well as Ellis backcourt new partner Calderon. Calderon also said with a smile, perhaps because I was introducing my calf and efficient, and that is what I do.

air jordan 11 bred Calderon and Ellis is undoubtedly the focus of the conference, so the Mavericks backcourt new season of hope, but also the Cuban want to see, Forget it last year, said Mark Cuban, the Mavericks missed the season last year After the race, this is the first time since 2000, I think we need to introduce high IQ point guard, so Calderon and Harris joined. Ellis served as either 1 or No. 2 position, are playing a very wise, so the new season we are very different than last year. Ellis with the Bucks last season, the playoffs, but the poor performance of the first round, averaging only 42 shooting and eventually swept by the Miami Heat, Ellis made an explanation on this, When you’re not happy places to play, difficult to play the best level. Mavericks is a new beginning, the better team and management, as well as teammates.’s time to let everyone get better.

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