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Jennings will be a sign for a way to join the piston, Mens New Jordans get a three-year $ 24 million contract. With the progress of events related to the deal’s details are more clear, according to sources close to the deal centers revealed Pistons team will send potential point guard Brandon – Knight forward Chris – Middleton and center-dimensional Yaqie Slavic – Clough Zoff, Jennings from the Bucks to get his new contract details have not been announced, but according to ESPN sources show that should be more than 3 years $ 25 million.

In this summer’s free-agent market, in the past few years has been understated Pistons is not a spectator, 4 years 56 million signing Josh – Smith, two years after the contract was signed back Billups, Girls Jordans 2013 the Pistons are still looking to enhance the ball Team One bit combat power, in the chaos of those rumors, the Pistons have expressed against the Celtics point guard Rajon core – Rondo interest, but because the two sides failed to reach agreement on a bargaining chip to be scrapped, Subsequently Milwaukee local reporter Gerry – Wo Feier on Twitter exposed piston want to get a sign for Jennings news, but the news at the time but was Pistons president Joe Dumars is strenuously denied. Today, the Pistons still taken this step, although Brandon – Knight has excellent potential, enough to top the league in a few years after the point guard, but in getting Josh – Smith, the Pistons can not wait to return championship contender ranks last season, Jennings averaged 17.5 points and 6.5 assists, two hit rates were 39.9% and 37.5%, of which assists and third hit rate of a career high.

In Milwaukee for four years, Nike MAG Shoes from glitzy rookie season the last two years is declining, Jennings had not happy, he and the team management has also been a problem exists between an open secret, and now joined the Detroit Pistons Jennings’s career got a new starting point, sitting on Monroe + Smith + Jennings Pistons, will also become the new season Eastern Conference force to be reckoned with.
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