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There are around 40 condo residential areas known to comprise Pelican Bay condos. Enjoy their swimming pool area, massage parlors, as well as game rooms which are built to add more entertainment to your already comfortable stay. Whether low, mid, or high-rise condos, Pelican Bay consistently turns out to be one of the top notch providers of quality living. Different units actually have varied prices based on size, location, and quality. Improvement projects have been observed to give more choices to the buyers. Although not many, you can find condo communities happy to cater for pets.

Pelican Bay condo properties pose lots of benefits. Condominiums have fewer maintenance compared to single family houses. Unlike houses, in condos you will not be involved in the tedious process of designing and hiring people to maintain your place. What’s great is you can also get to know other residents and enjoy yourself anytime you want. Amenities like swimming pool, gym, and playing courts never get old, as these continue to give its residents the most perfect timeout from all the stress.

There are lots of available condo units overlooking the Gulf of Mexico while some are along the Pelican Bay reserve. Heading for either the north or south beaches will never be a worry, because the Pelican Bay gondola ride can take condo residents there for free. To put it simply, the Florida lifestyle can’t ever be enjoyed better through the choice of Pelican Bay condominiums.

Low Rise Condominiums In Pelican Bay

Barrington Club, Breakwater, Glencove, Laurel Oaks, Lugano, Renaissance, Sanctuary, St. Simone, St. Thomas, St. Vincents, and Willowbrook are good examples of low-rise condos having 1 to 3 floorings. These condo communities were created between 1985 and 2000. Modernization was going ahead throughout the 80’s and 90’s and the majority of condos were involved.

Calais,Valencia, Pebble Creek, and Hyde Park are sample condo properties which can be low or mid-rise.

The Several Mid Rise Condominiums In Pelican Bay

Put together between 1983 and 1992, the mid-rise communities are composed of Avalon, Calais, Chateaumere Royale, Crescent, Hyde Park, Interlachen , Pebble Creek, and Valencia.

Mid-rise condos comprise four to seven floors.

Every building features its own unique architectural mastery, amenities, and views which range from the Gulf to the golf course. If you are a pet lover, you might want to join Crescent, Avalon, or Interlachen as these residential areas have been cool with animals around.

What Are The High Rise Condominiums?

High-rise establishments are the most in demand condos in Pelican Bay. Cap Ferrat, Claridge, Coronado, Dorchester, Glenview, Grosvenor, Heron, Marbella, Montenero, St. Kitts, St. Laurent, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Marissa, St. Nicole, St. Pierre, St. Raphael, and St. Tropez are classified as the high-rise communities with at least eight floors, all fulfilled between 1983 and 2002.

High-rise units are all worth every penny as it is the number one in providing the most enchanting views of the West coast of Florida, city of Naples, and Sanibel Island. Penthouse units are for everyone inclined to extravagant spaces and magnificent views. Much like other communities, high-rise condominiums also feature their premiere swimming pool, fitness center, massage centers, and playing courts.

Amenities Readily Available In Pelican Bay

All the amenities are for you to experience if you’re a Pelican Bay resident. Meet your fellow health aficionado as you run, cycle, skate, and wander within the locality and enjoy the views of the oceanfront. You can even rent the kayak and raft and go for a thrill ride.

Pelican Bay homeowners are also qualified for regular membership (additional requirements may apply) in The Club Pelican Bay golf club. It’s considered one of the leading golf clubs in the state of Florida.

Pelican Bay condos will always be a quality home despite the variations in type and price.

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