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Play with the 2014 new jordans

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Warriors never been a very unique style of play of the 2014 Jordans team, so even Curry is the league’s top three super scorer, but they run and gun battle maneuvering always make opponents off guard. From the beginning of the air jordans 2014 game, Curry did not immediately occupied their advantage will certainly stronger eat Collison, after opening the library more or let David – Lee and Andrew Bogut were involved in the attack, with the go-between organizations to stimulate teammates combat. So let Curry play even become one of the 2014 new jordans most highly anticipated among NBA scorers, but no one criticized him playing very alone. However, in the face of such a library is no longer the double teams he kept himself crazy attack, the next game as he became more organized and passing, the two inside offensive firepower aroused. Paul’s absence from fans missed a classic dialogue, but Curry against Collison, or people who see this Warriors star comes out of the arena domineering, he does not need special ornate data can be Clippers easily beat flowers.

However, in the final stages of the Jordans 2014 first section of the Clippers wave of bombing attempt to narrow the gap when Curry This come forward, he first hit a record third, which is the sign of his own score means – you know, He is among the jordans 2014 for sale NBA’s most trenchant point shooter. But Curry on defense only if the anti-third is obviously a mistake, followed by continuous breakthroughs Curry reached to the basket, very astute with a high throw away the Clippers double inside layup spring, and this is the library basketball IQ expression. So a data scored 12 points, Collison Danian immediately, in which the two men still on the bit Curry last laugh.

But Clippers coach Doc Rivers is also famous for old fox in the 2014 New Jordans case of personal strength has been the first bit flawed, he used to block defensive team. After hitting the game 2 minutes 48 seconds left in the second quarter, Curry dribble over half, David – Lee immediately rushed to the new air jordans 2014 pick and roll. However, after this time not on the pick and roll Griffin did not return to defend Lee, but the entire people rushed to surround the new jordans 2014 library. Meanwhile Curry also closely follow closely the formation of double teamed posture, Curry a critical situation immediately see their passing, but he was in a jump ball when the ball hit the edge of the interference Griffin, Clippers success completed steals. Collison passed the ball quickly, before rapidly followed Ben Griffin, Griffin eventually Collison sent a pass to an alley-oop dunks.

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