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Protect Sensitive Data On the Internet

Posted by RussellKRiva on July 7, 2012 in Business Products & Services |

Almost every person knows that the largest computer network system that exists is the Internet. People use it for entertainment, work purposes, and for learning. And for most interenet users, it is mandatory for work to have an online network and an important aspect to keep businesses running.

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Approximately one 3rd of the earth uses the Internet, according to reports on Internet users from the US Census Bureau. This results in that the privacy of one third of the world’s population is exposed and are at risk from hackers and thieves. Especially on networking sites where the user is required to provide his personal information. All of these have potential risks and even worse and more deadly is that unknown entities have the capability to pinpoint your location through online usage.

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But if you come to think about it, the world wide web is great in many ways. It enables us to do our work on time, keep in contact with distant friends and most important to access a huge data center for information and news. But before accessing the Internet, you must be be aware of risk issues to keep your information safe and prevent being a victim of rouge, hackers, and thieves.

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