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jordan 11 bred Due to the WikiLeaks website leaking of confidential documents by a large number of U.S. troops accused of PFC Manning recently in the United States military court sentencing hearing for the first time a public apology, acknowledging his behavior hurt the United States and the people. The Associated Press on the 14th, said the change in attitude Manning widespread debate, some people think that this is his fight for commutation of the upset, some people think that this is subject to U.S. military coercion.

air jordan 11 bred 25-year-old Manning due to the WikiLeaks leaked more than 70 million copies of confidential documents by the military prosecution, 20 accused guilty as charged. Once the final sentence, he could face 90 years in prison. Earlier, Manning has said his behavior is just move and won a lot of solidarity. However, on the 14th he was in the U.S. Air Force Base, Fort Meade, Maryland military court hearing suddenly said his conduct hurt the United States and the people, and apologized for its consequences. Manning’s sudden change in attitude so that supporters disappointed. Before, there are 10 million people worldwide signed a petition, the proposed Manning won the Nobel Peace Prize nominee. British Guardian said Manning read at the hearing seemed hasty apology statement, anxiety, and his defense team to be heard mainly around his childhood shadow, gender confusion, character flaws and several aspects Through these situations ultimately clarify that he is just to make the wrong decision by weight. At the hearing, Manning’s lawyer presented to the court before conscription a dresser photos, to reveal his inner existence of gender confusion issues, which he expounded in the army this full manhood environment under the tremendous pressure. Lawyers for the first time to disclose the growth environment is poor parents were alcoholics, Manning is not only shrouded in the shadow of childhood, but also suffers from autism and other diseases. The Associated Press said Manning apology might help him a reduced sentence.

women jordan 11 bred WikiLeaks’ Assange founder of the site after the hearing, said in a statement, Manning’s apology insincere, is forced to move. Assange said: The U.S. military can do is to let Manning shame his apology in the U.S. judicial system is under pressure generated. Assange will Manning called the brave soldier and his apology interpreted as tactical remorse , he thinks this is quite upset remission should be understanding and sympathy.

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