Simple Steps To Try To Make Your WSOs Bigger, Badder And More Successful

Posted by TerenceTeo on September 26, 2012 in Business Products & Services |

It is great that a site like the Warrior Forum is still around after so many years. This is really kind of an ultimate place for all things that have anything to do with marketing and business on the web. The Warrior Special Offer forum, or WSO, gets heavy traffic for many reasons. This is a product or service that you sell for a lower price through the WSO Board than you do through outside sales portals. What we can do is show you have to maximize your WSO profits.

One strategy with your WSO is to give resale rights with the product so people can make money with it. In content writing this is often called PLR (Private Label Rights).

Software can be solid with PLR rights as can just about anything else. People are big fans of things that they can buy and then legally sell. You can custom tailor your WSO so the product comes with reselling rights.

Think about allowing affiliate sales of your WSO through the WSO Pro program. If you are familiar with IM, then you already know what a strong affiliate force can do. As you can guess, people want to make decent money with affiliate sales, so remember that when you are creating your product. So then this is just like any other situation where the offer has to be attractive. But do not just stop with this line of thought because you may want to sacrifice your profit for other reasons. But looking at Clickbank, lots of products are very good with commissions and the vendor getting a pretty small percentage.

There is huge competition in the WSO forum, so plan yours carefully and make it look at good as possible. The performance of your WSO will depend directly on the quality of your marketing and sales communication.

You do not have to be a copywriter but it will help you to know something about it. If you have the funds, then find out who the copywriters are responsible for those WSOs that are doing well. Of course this is all if you have the budget for it, but it is a good investment if your WSO is strong.

Yes, of course the Warrior Forum is popular among the IM crowd. The Warrior Special Offers board (or WSO board) is the center of that haven. Over the years some Warriors were making 20k a month just through selling their WSOs. Use these tips to help you make sure that the next WSO you run is a rousing success.

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