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Posted by admin on June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized | uses special Social Bookmarking Software that is built into the site. This special feature which is much like some of the Top Social Bookmarking Sites out there like Digg, Delicious, Diigo, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Furl. You can with just a simple short amount of code place a special bookmark button on your brower and your websites or blogs. Once a visitor on your website or blog visits your site and they like what they see they might press that button. If they do it will let them post your website link and also the tittle of your site right directly to

Benefits of such features are to help build SEO backlinks and to help build social network branding to your websites and blogs. You should always consider using top social bookmarking sites when ever you post any new content so you can build traffic and backlinks. This is very important when it comes to any social bookmarking campaign that you ever plan. makes this process which everyone dreeds very simple and fun. Now with just a press of a button you can share all your latest updated content you post on your sites or blogs anytime you like. Since every post shows up on the main front page you instantly become like a Front Page Headline! There are countless visitors at every hour of the day coming to from all around the world.

One other thing is also goes even further with a constant MASS RSS FEED Saturation Submission to Hundreds of Online RSS Feed Search Engines. This powerful unheard of feature also spreads your posts on a Viral level to millions and millions of other visitors. This constant cycle is repeated every day non stop so what your voice can be heard around the world! Get the word out both fast and loud with on Global Social Network! You can also save and share all your bookmarks and favorite websites at a couple of new sites in the network. Check this new Social Bookmarking Site called Share It! Also another new Test Social Bookmarking Site that is so easy to use when you save websites using the social bookmarklet button both sites have this feature. As they always say sharing is caring so make sure you share these sites and sign up and join each of them. Get the word out both fast and loud!

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