Steve Nash – with a foot injury playing wake Warcraft

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11 Breds Steve Nash – In today’s game against Portland, injured his left foot is still in pain, but he chose to adhere to the game. Before today’s game, he told Dwight – Howard, everyone has to hurt. Faced with this situation, we should not flinch, but should adhere to the past, and look forward to a good result. Howard today wake Nash et al. “In the past few days, the pain in my left foot gradually disappear but did not completely disappear, there is still pain there is no way this is a process, and I need to adhere to teeth in the past.” Nash said in an interview at the time. Nash left lower leg fractures, a total of 48 days rest. Several times during the truce rumored to be back poor to give up, but because of the injury recovery.”Each of us has hurt, but this is not the reason to give up the fight since we play, you have to go to battle, teeth survive. Can not use this as an excuse, not a good play.” The Nash case admonished Howard said. Howard recently expressed in various interviews, that his back injury has not healed, so the performance can not reach expected.
Bred 11s Howard clash Nuggets, Kenneth – Farid malicious foul mess. Nash during a fierce quarrel and Howard, two men armed with one end mutual defense. However, the two soon reconciliation, that this heated exchange, will help improve the team’s overall defense, it is harmless.That after the flagrant foul, the media criticism of Howard’s overwhelming. “Orange County” Lakers reporter Kevin – Ding publicly criticized Howard, said he did not play well, the school – Shaquille O’Neal injury fraud. Day coming to an end on the back injury as an excuse for flagrant foul on others. He said about Howard this performance just – Koufos, Nuggets Curry Costa coolies.
GS 11s Breds The face of criticism from the media, in the face of the spur Nash – Mike D’Antoni, Howard realized his wrong. “I’m glad I had not been suspended, which is the biggest thing I fined out after playing very disappointed that such a thing had never happened before. Now I want to stay calm and remember that they want to play for his teammates.” Howard said.Howard finally found. In today’s game, he played only 30 minutes on 13 shots, had 21 points and 14 rebounds and 3 blocked shots, scored six offensive rebounds. It is because of the excellent performance of the Howard, a pioneer in the paint only get 38 points, the Lakers score is 58 points. Lakers victory over the Trail Blazers.Heat counterattack failed to work on the road to swallow defeat. James campaign to turn over 22 15 35 points, 6 rebounds, 6 steals, 5 assists and 1 blocked shots transcripts, steals a season-high 27 consecutive regular season games scoring 20 +, NBA (micro Bo) history scoring rankings beyond Stockton ranked 38. James campaign shooting rate of up to 68%, he became the fourth single field in the past 25 seasons 35 +6 +6 +5 +1 simultaneously hit rate of more than 60% of theplayers, the other three are Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Buck Lee. James’s the Almighty no doubt, in addition to the “Emperor” and Bosh persevering Heat today no one scored in double figures, and the piston 6 score in double figures, the debut of four bench scoring were broken ten superstar gorgeous performances lost to a team strength.

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