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Terence Jones recent media interview jordan 11 bred, said he does not care whether the starter, while Howard had previously praised Jones, for which he was very pleased that Jones opinion, it means a lot. In the preseason with the pelicans, Motiejunas as Rockets starting power forward, but Jones is on the bench. Judging from the final, Jones scoring outperformed Motiejunas. In the game, Jones contributed 13 points and five rebounds, including five of seven shots. In this regard, Jones said he does not care whether the starter. I do not care about starting problems, Jones admitted, meaning where I was, how to help the team win, I think, need to play a good performance as well as defensive, trying to win the victory.

Jones was the first round in 2012, 18th overall by the air jordan 11 bred Rockets selected the NBA. During the regular season, he did not get too many opportunities to show, averaging 5.5 points and 3.4 rebounds. Despite the preseason with the pelicans, Jones came off the bench, but he also gained other starting player the opportunity to play together. From the current situation, the Rockets regular season starting power forward of the final candidates has not been determined. Coach Kevin McHale apparently hopes preseason, Laixun find the final answer. Prior to the rocket has indicated its intention to try the twin towers tactics, Howard to play power forward, Asik play center. Even if they can become a partner, but this does not mean that the rocket will be long-term use such combinations, so for the Rockets power forward players, they need to try to show themselves. In this regard, Jones said he was ready.

In my opinion, the women jordan 11 bred coach has been constantly trying various combinations in order to find the best way,Jones admits, It’s still too early, so I know they need to try a different way, of course, that is what I need prepare the thing. In addition, Jones said, as a team, the most important thing is that the chemical reaction, to learn how to play together with the newcomers. Meanwhile Jones believes he still has a lot to improve. Earlier in the interview, Howard has said that he was impressed by Jones, his offense is very explosive. In this regard, Jones expressed his own views. It means a lot,Jones said frankly, I want to work hard, so so he can continue to say something about my good side.

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