The Body Structure and the Superiority of Clinker Rotary Kiln

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With the development of mining machinery industry, and the short of the mineral resources, more and more industries prefer the ore dressing production line to refine the mineral resources. Such as the iron, copper, gold, silver, nickel. While usually before we refining it from the impurity, we need a clinker rotary dryer to dry it, if necessary, we will also need a cooling machine to make the temperature down. Now Henan Hongxing will introduce the clinker rotary dryer for you.

In the industrial production line, clinker rotary kiln should maintain a high operation rate to increase the clinker production. Clinker rotary kiln plays a vital role in the alumina production process, and the quality and production of the clinker directly affect the quality and output of the alumina and aluminum hydroxide. Generally, the lime rotary kiln is divided into three areas, namely the kiln head, kiln end and the firing zone. The temperature of the three zones and the pressure of the kiln head and the kiln end directly affect the stability of the kiln. The temperature of the burning zone is particularly important.

The cylinder of the revolving kiln is made of steel plate. There is refractory lining in the cylinder and there is predetermined inclination between the refractory lining and the level. There are three wheel band supporting means. When the rotary kiln is in normal operation, the main reducer transmits the power to the open gear device to drive the mineral rotary kiln through the main reducer. The materials enter the kiln body from the kiln end for burning. Due to the inclination of the barrel and the slow rotary action, the materials not only roll in the circumferential direction, but also move axially to continue to complete the decomposition and calcination processes. Finally, the generated materials enter the cooling machine through the hood of the kiln head.

The clinker rotary kiln produced by Henan Hongxing Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd has the following features in terms of the structure.

First, the cylinder is made of the killed steel plate which can guarantee five mechanical properties so that the design of the cylinder is much more reasonable, which can not only ensure the rigidity of the cross-section, but also improve the stress state of the supporting device.

Second, Henan Hongxing clinker rotary kiln uses the hydraulic to push the catch wheel device to bear the glide force of the whole kiln. The device can drive the upward movement of the kiln body.

Third, the transmission system uses the single drive.

Forth, the kiln head uses the cover gas sealing and the spring steel sealing device.

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