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The Journey From the Normal American Diet to a Whole Food Plant-based Diet . . .

Posted by JeffersonJReed980 on December 18, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Remember that aged Alka Seltzer ad with the guy moaning that he couldn’t believe he or she ate the whole thing? To myself it is a most graphic reminder that what we eat directly effects how we feel.

All of us are good at remembering the connection associated with food and feeling in the growing process. The problem is come when remembering to link the information to our general dietary habits and quality of living.

It is a curious undeniable fact that in the US, one of the most wealthy nations in the world, the quantity and quality of life has steadily declined over the last ten years. We eat a lot of food and a lot of us aren’t feeling so great!

Worldwide we are seeing a great inverse relationship between wealthiness and quality of life. The fact is there is also a direct linkage among what we eat and how we’re feeling. In fact diseases like heart disease, diabetes and also cancer (which are increasing fast) are directly traceable to the actual food we eat. The particular diet of the affluent may also be called the Standard American Diet (Unhappy).

According to the USDA, those eating a regrettable eat about 12% with their calories in plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes). The subsequent 25% comes from animal-based products (meat, milk and eggs). The particular kicker is that the vast majority of calorie consumption are consumed in oils, fats, manufactured food and refined grain products.

It is just a clear picture associated with how far apart the actual the Standard American Diet and a whole food plant-based diet really are. It overwhelmingly suggests that few people (even when they are willing) are ready to make that drastic of an change over night. And probably shouldn’t.

Transitioning is important. As you narrow animal-based products out of your diet, you add nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. As you cut processed food from your diet you add more dried beans, grains and plant. At each step along the way your quality of life improves.

Think about simple process just like a slow transition.
Initial modify the standard diet when you eat less red meat, ingesting instead, more sea food and poultry. Try out consuming one much less fast food meal a week, or adopting “The Meatless Monday” method. It could even be as simple as drinking on 7 oz. glass of fresh vegetable liquid each day.
The next period involves giving up just about all meat except seafood and small amounts of “white beef.” Try eating meatless lunches and also add a fruit healthy smoothie to your daily juice. Bankruptcy attorney las vegas a few who get major and eat vegan on weekdays and revert to being omnivores on the weekend.
Become Macrobiotic supplying up all meat however fish. Keep consuming more veggies and whole-foods. Some Macrobiotic foodies also provide up all other animal-based products including ova and dariy
Eventually try adopting a real vegan diet. Give up all lean meats and fish, but nevertheless use dairy as well as eggs while cutting down on the fat in your diet.
Ultimately there is actually adopting the primarily whole food plant-based diet (sometimes called vegan) in places you get your nutrition from whole grains, vegetables and plant starches, quit almost all animal products (meat, dairy products and eggs) as well as cut out most skin oils and processed foods.

It appears kind of complicated and hard. But really it isn’t. It will require commitment and devotion. And even with all the determination it the world it requires time. For example I started my journey as a life-long vegetarian and it involved over a year to actually supply up eggs, dairy and a lot processed foods (I have a little work to do). David started out with a modified American diet and it got him over a year to make the actual transition. He has more guts than My partner and i. It was a process – often three actions forward and two back. We are nevertheless working on cutting down natural oils and refined foods. The essential part is that many of us keep at it!

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