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Want to learn the real ways on how to make money online from home? In this video ill show you the real and practical ways on how you can make money online and give you the free tools that you need to start making money online! Lets go through these ways!

When you learn to make websites, you can create affiliate websites, business websites and even ecommerce websites. This is one of the best ways to make money online
-Create A Basic Website:
-Create an eCommerce Website:
-Create A Dropshipping Website:

2. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the act of recommending a product or service on your website. You recommend a service – user clicks and buys – you make a commission. You can visit, or find any online affiliate program online. Its THE BEST WAY to make passive income online!

3.Sell Digital Services
Once you learn how to make websites or learn a digital skill, you can sell them on fiverr, upwork and freelancer. This is a great way on how you can work remotely online!

4.Sell Images
Are you always posting on instagram and having no luck? Why not ditch instagram and sell them on shutterstock and gettyimages!! You can earn $50 per sale when someone buys your images. Thousands of people buy images daily and you can make a living taking pictures!

5.Sell Online Courses
Do you know how to do something? You can simply upload your course on udemy and skillshare and start making money right now! There are hundreds of of ways on how you can make money sell online courses!

6.Become a digital agency
Everyone today needs marketing, in the video i show, you can simply learn how to use facebook ads or google ads and start your own digital agency. Companies will pay you for handling their marketing budget so make sure to learn how to start your own digital agency

7. Become a designer
Start creating designs and offer them for other people! Logos, designs or even mockup websites!

8. Start a youtube channel
Make money without even showing your face! You can simply try the asmr route or just take other clips and show other people like ” best of this person” or something like this

9.Start streaming
Do you play video games or have a talent like playing an instrument? You can start streaming and gain an audience on twitch!

10. Start a podcast
Do you have something to talk about like losing weight or inspirational ideas? Start a podcast! There are several topics on podcasts and its a great way to make money!

11. Publish eBooks
You can sell your ebooks on amazon and start to make passive income,. There is no startup fee whatsoever. If you think you can write a book on something, than prove it and sell it!

12.Sell On Amazon
You can learn how to import products from aliexpress or alibaba and ship them to the amazon warehouse. This is a great way on how you can start making money. In fact, you can even purchase these products and sell them at home or even in the mall!

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