What to Know About Whitehat SEO: Tactics that Improve Results

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The algorithm used by Google incorporates a large number of signals when determining where various webpages rank in search engine results. Knowing the factors that have the most impact and optimizing them properly can be the difference in achieving success or failing. Learn more ABOUT WHITEHAT techniques and what to focus on here.

Have a Mobile First Mentality

Mobile first isn’t a new concept. It’s been around since 2015. While this is true, it’s still important.

In fact, Google is now making mobile even more important. If a website isn’t mobile friendly and able to display on any screen, then the rank is going to drop. If a person wants to ensure their site ranks well, they have to ensure it is mobile friendly.

Local Matters

Local search is crucial when it comes to Google rank today. Up to 20 percent of all searches made on a mobile device have local intent. As Google works to improve the ability it has to provide hyper-local results, it’s crucial to have complete and accurate information on a Google My Business profile.

Focus on UX – User Experience

Google has always put a priority on ensuring webmasters put a priority on user experience. As the Google algorithm gets smarter, websites that have made this a priority are going to rank higher. Keep in mind though, quality user experience goes much further than just creating clean code.

The ultimate goal of UX design is to improve overall customer loyalty and satisfaction by improving the interaction a person has with the brand. The best way to improve UX is by getting to know the user’s intent. Once this is known, a webmaster can create a method to provide smooth navigation across the site and ensure that finding the desired information is not only easy but seamless.

When it comes to a business’s website, there are more than a few factors to consider. Be sure to keep the information here in mind to achieve the best results possible with the efforts used. Being informed is the best way to achieve a company’s desired marketing goals, regardless of what they are.

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